Or Emet Cemetery and Temple Emeth Memorial Park are located on the Brookline, Newton, West Roxbury border on Baker Street along a mile roadway known as the Baker Street Jewish Cemeteries, home to over 40 Jewish Cemeteries. Temple Emeth Memorial Park was established in 1958 by Temple Emeth, founded in 1939 in Chestnut Hill, MA. Or Emet Cemetery was dedicated in 2012. Both Cemeteries are available to all who are of the Jewish Faith.

Originally known as the Mt. Lebanon Cemeteries, founded in the early part of the last century, each cemetery has its unique history. The first thing immigrants, once settled, did on arrival to America was to found a house of worship and a place to bury those that passed from their communities. The Baker Street Cemeteries were established by diverse groups representing fraternal organizations, unions, shuls, and displaced communities from Eastern Europe that resettled in the Boston area. Often, a portion of these groups’ membership dues went towards funding the purchase of burial lots for future family needs.